How to improve team recruitment?

Puy du Fou’s tips for effective collaborative recruitment

Team recruitment? You have to work at it! History of actions, validation of an application, responses to candidates… When several people are involved in the recruitment process, it can quickly become cacophonous. But recruiting as a team also helps to improve the candidate’s experience and collaborative candidate management! Thérèse Delibes, HR Manager at the Puy du Fou, explains how the famous theme park has set up a effectivecollaborative recruitment strategy with Beetween, collaborative recruitment management software.

Logo of the Puy du fou, a French leisure complex with a historical theme located in the Vendée.

Puy du Fou: presentation

Is it really necessary to present the Puy du Fou? The Vendée live entertainment park has become a worldwide phenomenon thanks to a unique artistic concept, with the opening of the Cinescénie in 1978 and the Grand Parc in 1989. Philippe de Villiers’ work takes elements of the history of the Vendée and of France and adapts them into life-size shows. To animate these shows and welcome the public, the Puy du Fou brings together no less than 6,000 employees and volunteers working in more than 100 professions. To recruit these numerous talents, the Puy du Fou’s HR teams used to use a general HR software. Thanks to the latter, recruiters could manage recruitment as well as other human resources missions. However, the tool required a lot of manual input, was not adapted for massive application processing and did not provide for an activity history on a recruitment file. So in 2018, the Puy du Fou HR teams set out to find a collaborative application management tool to optimize online collaborative recruitment and improve the candidate experience. That’s how they chose Beetween’s collaborative recruitment software.

Team recruitment at Puy du Fou

The Puy du Fou has a seasonal activity, and the candidates hired for one season regularly return the following season. So they have to go through the recruitment process again.

The Puy du Fou has a pool of loyal talent, who apply every year to take part in the park’s activities. To meet the needs of the Thérèse Delibes teams in the most appropriate way, Beetween’s HR experts have set up a collaborative CV library allowing each person involved in a recruitment process to indicate the actions carried out or to be carried out directly on a candidate form. The actors of the recruitment process can thus quickly visualize the status of an application and communicate with each other thanks to a system of tags. All of a candidate’s activity history is recorded directly on their online collaborative tool!Recruiting with several people fundamentally requires the implementation of an effective collaborative communication. To improve collective recruitment and allow each recruiter, manager or other stakeholder to participate in the recruitment process, our HR experts have proposed various collaborative features such as the sharing of recruitments or the possibility of forwarding candidate files. In addition, the interconnection of our collaborative software with Outlook allows the Puy du Fou HR teams to better manage interview invitations. These are processed directly in the recruitment software, which then automatically integrates them into the recruiters’ Outlook calendars.

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Involving managers to improve the candidate experience

Collaborative recruitment management is a great way to deliver a more personalized candidate experience to talent! How can team recruiting help create a positive candidate journey? Answer with Thérèse Delibes and the Beetween experts.

One of Beetween’s most popular solutions for improving communication with candidates is the Vcard QR code system. By scanning the QR code available on the candidate form with their smartphone, recruiters can memorize the contact information of candidates. Thereafter, the first and last names of the candidates appear automatically at each call. This system allows the Puy du Fou recruitment staff to personalize the telephone interviews while saving time in processing the applications.

Pop-up vcard of the ATS Beetween software, allowing to register a contact thanks to a QRcode

The VCard system is a real revolution for our teams: managers flash the QRCode with their smartphone and can immediately call the candidates without having to copy the number. It is a real time saver, today managers can call up to 30 people per day!

Speaking of saving time, we saw earlier that Thérèse Delibes and her teams had problems with manual entry with their old tool. To overcome this problem, our experts have implemented mass processing functionalities in the collaborative recruitment tool offered to Puy du Fou, such as sending automatic or grouped e-mails. Another time-consuming task is the consultation and analysis of CVs and other documents sent by candidates. When you are recruiting several hundred candidates, this task can be tedious… To optimize the processing time of these documents, Thérèse Delibes’ teams now use a fast document viewer, a particularly efficient feature!

Implementation of our collaborative platform

The implementation of our recruitment software is always done in parallel with a personalized support to the handling of the tool. In the case of the Puy du Fou, Thérèse Delibes’ HR teams were able to train the park’s managers after they themselves had been trained by our support team.

Excellent feedback from our managers following their introduction to Beetween! The ergonomics are intuitive, and the Beetween support team is very responsive. We anticipated some reluctance to change internally, but the feedback has been very positive.

More than just ATS software, Beetween offers real expertise in digital recruitment. The project to optimise recruitment in a team with the HR professionals of the Puy du Fou was therefore not limited to the simple implementation of a collaborative tool. With Thérèse Delibes and her teams, an in-depth reflection on recruitment methods and organisation was carried out to ensure the implementation of the most suitable features for their needs.

Thank you to Thérèse Delibes for agreeing to testify about the use of our recruitment software at the Puy du Fou!

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