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Maximize your chances of recruiting the best talent in your ESN

Recruitment is the number one strategic issue for you because human capital is your main strength. However, since skills are scarce compared to demand, you are facing a real war for talent. With Beetween, attract and retain digital talent by implementing a real strategy to win over candidates.

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Recruiting for an ESN is not easy. It is quite common for candidates not to respond to your solicitations for a variety of reasons.

Indeed, even if it tends to improve, Digital Services Companies suffer from a rather bad reputation. This is why it is so important to take care of your ESN’s employer brand, using tools to attract and retain candidates!

In ESN, recruiting is complicated : a lot of qualified candidates, a lot of offers to fill

Hunt for penurious profiles in a flash

Some IT profiles such as Project Managers, Developers (and many others) are in high demand and few are available. To recruit talent in the NSE sector… you have to go and find it!

With our Beetween Sourcing extension, you can integrate in 1 click in your resume library the Linkedin profiles that you are interested in. What a way to quickly source the best ESN profiles!

Recruter dans une ESN - Beetween
Recruter dans une ESN - Beetween

A candidate path not well adapted to the market

Structure and organize your recruitment from A to Z

Are your recruitment deadlines too long, resulting in losing talent along the way? With Beetween, personalize your recruitment processes.

Centralize and sort applicationsautomatically, automate time-consuming tasks. All this to optimize your organization and avoid the loss of information… and talent! How do you do it? Thanks to advanced searches or the simplified creation of your pools to launch targeted recruitment or information campaigns.

Moreover, our ATS is fully customizable according to your needs: recruitment stages, creation of tags, automation of responses, candidate questionnaires…

Insufficient visibility of your offers

Save time and visibility for your key recruitments!

Increase the visibility of your offers by publishing them on numerous job boards of all types: free and paid, generalist and specialized with our integrated multicasting tool. With an ATS like Beetween, you can publish a job offer on the job boards of your choice in a single operation!

You save a considerable amount of time in your recruiting, and you refocus on your core business: people!

Recruter dans une ESN - Beetween
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Recruter dans une ESN - Beetween

Complex and technical recruitment processes in ESN

Switch to team recruitment!

Make your managers autonomous in defining their needs by sharing with them the recruitment files that concern them in order to recruit collectively and efficiently.

Our ATS software provides its users with numerous features dedicated to collaborative recruitment: adapted licenses, noted notices, notes in brief, etc. Contact our HR expert now to learn more.

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Optimize your CV library to promote talent

Make it easy for yourself, switch to collaborative recruitment

Save time... every time you recruit

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