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Recruiting as a team with Beetween and JOB4

Over the last twenty years, collaborative recruitment has become one of the major issues in human resources. According to a study published by Dell and the Institute for the Future, 85% of the jobs of 2030 do not yet exist! To find the rare pearl, recruiters are increasingly asking for help from their colleagues in the company. Managers, team leaders, future colleagues of the candidate… Thus, to assist companies in team recruitment, Beetween integrates a collaborative recruitment tool. Anastasia Chambraud, Digital Acquisition Manager at JOB4, has been using our recruitment software for almost two years. Today, she shares her thoughts on the company and their collaborative online recruitment strategy.

Thanks to Beetween JOB4 recruits as a team

The collaborative recruitment strategy implemented by JOB4 allows them to save a lot of time and to share interesting CVs between recruiters. Deciphering.

JOB4 team recruitment: company presentation

At a time when projects are getting crazier and crazier, when growth is multiplying and funds are being raised in 8 figures, startups are only missing one thing to conquer the world: recruiting! “The war for talent” is raging. This is where JOB4 comes in, supporting these future unicorns in their strategic recruitment in France and abroad.

A real guru for candidates, this team of headhunters finds the best Sales, Marketing and Management opportunities to offer the nuggets the dream adventure.
Their goal: to create the perfect match between their talents and their ambitious startups!

How does Beetween support this team recruitment method?

The collaborative mode of the ATS Beetween software allows you to recruit as a team, i.e. to share the different stages of a recruitment, to share profiles from the platform and to have access to the complete CV library of the company. This is particularly well suited to the JOB4 organisation. The team consists of three recruiters and Anastasia Chambraud, Digital Acquisition Manager. All recruitments are created directly on the Beetween interface by the recruiters and are visible to all team members on the summary table. You can see who is in charge of recruitment and follow the progress of each person’s recruitment in real time.

The collaborative mode is a precious help for our internal organization.

Tailor-made support for the team

The Beetween platform offers multiple possibilities and continues to develop every day.sur-mesure In order to meet the expectations of recruiters, Beetween maintains privileged relationships with its subscribers.

Beetween has the strength of being perfectly customizable. So we have the possibility to propose new features to Beetween so that they can integrate them.

But how are the tasks divided between the members of the JOB4 team?

Within JOB4, each member of the recruitment team creates their own recruitments, sources CVs and monitors their candidates. The recruiter is independent and can send and receive interesting candidates even if they don’t fit the profile at the moment. These candidates can be contacted for future opportunities.

Marketing at the heart of the recruitment process

However, it is the marketing department, via Anastasia Chambraud, that is in charge of multiplying the job advertisements and keeping the candidates informed of the recruitment process.

Many positive points about Beetween […] especially the multiposting that I use on a daily basis. […] I’m in charge of multiplying the ads, so I centralize everything and I’m aware of everyone’s needs. […] The recruiters are in charge of filtering the CVs and when CVs do not correspond to the needs of our clients, as we are a recruitment agency, they are sent to a certain category, and from this category, I send emails to the candidates, to keep them informed of the progress of the recruitment process.

This form of HR marketing allows JOB4 to maintain good contact with quality candidates.
By entrusting these actions to the marketing function, recruiters save a considerable amount of time for all their recruitments and ensure a professional and positive image for their recruitment firm.

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