Optimize your work team

Many company employees, from within human resources and other departments, are no doubt involved in hiring for your company. And while recruiters can hire as they see fit for the spaces they have to fill, they usually need a supervisor’s go-ahead before they can finalize the process.

A collaborative mode in your recruitment software gives you access to a shared CV database that lets supervisors keep abreast of your search, optimize expenses (in terms of posting on job boards), and analyze job board statistics based on job type and past ads. For Beetween, one license equals one user. Each license opens up its own access.

Everyone has their own license

Users all have their own individual license and user access.
Work as a team with managers and head recruiters.




Designate an administrator within your company. That person can manage user licenses (recruiters and managers) on your “Administration” platform.


The opinion of external stakeholders

Include your external stakeholders in the selection process by having them follow all or part of one (or more) candidate(s) for their opinion


Group interviews

By default, our video tools provide simultaneous access to 4 people minimum.

Personalized recruitment process*

Include your job opening requests and other validation sets
*This feature requires a premium configuration


Your personalized digital recruitment software

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