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Beetween is an all-in-one recruitment software, easy to use and fully adaptable.

The stages of support for companies at Beetween

Beetween was born from the desire to facilitate exchanges between recruiters and candidates, in order to put human back at the heart of the relationship. In this belief, we apply it with our own customers!
More than just recruitment software, Beetween offers real support to companies, through a support team and a CSM team, both entirely dedicated to optimising your recruitment campaigns. Our goal: to help you save time, money and employees simply and efficiently!

We support your company at every stage of your project:

  1. Create your account:
    You can create your Beetween account on your own thanks to our pre-packaged options that can be paid online, or you can call on our experts to set up customised access that is totally adapted to your needs.
  2. Take control of your recruitment platform:
    Our support service answers all your questions and provides you with a beginner’s guide, a complete documentation, as well as tutorial videos.
  3. Start recruiting:
    Source CVs, multiply your job offers, recruit in collaborative mode, communicate with candidates on all media (email, SMS, videoconferencing, deferred video, etc.): centralize all your recruitment needs in a single tool and interconnect it with your other HR tools!
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Launching your project

Our experts answer your questions and advise you

Icône configuration

Configuring your tool

Our support teams design your recruitment platform

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In class or remotely, we help you to get to grips with your recruitment platform

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Assistance and follow-up

We are here to answer your questions throughout your use of our recruitment software

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Regular updates

Our technical services ensure continuous maintenance of all our services and develop new functionalities as we go along

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Data security

All our subscription packages include optimal protection of your data at all levels

Launching your project

First and foremost, our HR experts start by analysing your recruitment issues with you. Through workshops, they support you in your HR reflections in order to define the areas of improvement of your recruitment process and your application management. Objective: optimize the visibility of your job ads and your employer brand, and unite your HR teams around a single recruitment strategy.

This expertise in human resources, coupled with our technical know-how, allows us to offer recruitment solutions adapted to the needs and constraints of companies, whatever their size and field of activity. As our ATS software is scalable and fully customizable, you can be sure to benefit from a tailor-made recruitment tool!

Configuring your tool

Are you ready to embark on the digital recruitment adventure with Beetween? The first step in your project is to gather all the information needed to properly configure your future recruitment tool, depending on the formula you have chosen. Logos, entities, user contacts… In short, all the elements needed to create a customized recruitment solution!

To do this, the configuration file for your recruitment platform is sent to you via a shared drive. The creation of your application management tool is thus carried out in collaborative mode. In addition, to ensure that Beetween best meets your needs in terms of operation, our support team guides and advises you at each stage of its configuration. Once the configuration file is completed, our teams proceed with the creation of your user accounts and the final configuration of your tool.

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Obviously, you are not let loose in the digital recruitment jungle with ATS software without training! Depending on the offer you subscribe to, training is given to you by video conference, with screen sharing by your account manager or a member of the support team.
At the same time, we also offer training courses that are more focused on specific functionalities on a regular basis. This format is open to all Beetween customers who are notified directly on the platform or by e-mail.

We also provide you with multiple supports to allow you to navigate easily in our tool. You will find on our website a complete user documentation, tutorial videos, a FAQ and a beginner’s guide.

Assistance and follow-up

Getting to grips with ATS software, creating a career site… These are not tasks that everyone can do. To guide you in the implementation of your recruitment tool, two teams will accompany you at every stage, before, during and after the delivery of your Beetween accounts.

  • A Customer Success Management team to guide you in the launch of your project and ensure follow-up throughout the service.
  • A support team to answer all your questions, resolve any bugs and clarify your misunderstandings.

Regular updates

Beetween multicast software is a tool that is constantly evolving. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive platform that meets each of your digital recruitment needs. Don’t miss out on the latest Beetween news, one of our new features could be very interesting for optimising your recruitment!

Data security

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Audits and Certifications

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Strict control of server access

Data is of strategic importance to all companies. We make it a point of honour to ensure the security of the data you entrust to us, whatever your formula!

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Protection against data loss

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Data reversibility

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Daily backup

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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

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RGPD Compliance

Our training courses in detail

At Beetween, we offer several types of training so that our users can better understand and use our platform:

Videoconference training

Lasting 2 or 3 hours, and with a maximum of 7 people per group, the video conference training allows users to quickly get to grips with the platform while having, via screen sharing, a complete presentation of Beetween.

The training is organized around use cases to allow new users to better understand the functioning and structure of the tool. Participants can interact directly with the trainers and ask questions throughout the session.

On-site training

Here, one of our experts will come to your premises to train your HR teams. It is therefore a face-to-face training.

In order to guarantee optimal quality, we recommend limiting the number of participants to 20 per session.

The on-site training, which is more complete, provides a complete tour of the tool, presenting the functionalities, detailing each possible action in Beetween, for example, writing an offer, multicasting, managing candidates, etc.
Practical exercises are included to allow users to get to grips with our platform in the best possible conditions.
A half-day corresponds to 2.5 hours of training, and a day corresponds to 4 to 5 hours of training.

We also adapt to people with disabilities. For more information on this point, do not hesitate to contact us.

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